About Us

We are caring and experienced professionals with many years of experience in the area of supports coordination services.  PFSC staff are knowledgeable of a multitude of county resources and services within the Intellectual Disability and Autism System. We have an appreciation for the individual’s needs, desires, choices, control and self determination. As a private organization our first loyalty is to you.  We currently support over 1000 individuals within South Eastern Pennsylvania.   

People First believes in a team approach, working together with families and service providers to best support the consumer. We help individuals achieve a higher standard of living and quality of life. 


People First recognizes and respects the strong bond and role of family and personal history in providing optimal service to you 

Our staff excel in providing strong advocacy services, working within a variety of settings and organizations

We  provide a flexible schedule for meeting with you and your family to address your concerns and needs 

For school age individuals, PFSC can assist with and navigate the process of transitioning from school age to the adult world 

Contact us today to discuss how we can provide you with the best possible Supports Coordination Services 

“No disability or dictionary out there, is capable of clearly defining who we are as a person. It’s only when we step out of that labeled box, that our abilities begin to be fully recognized, giving us a better definition of who we truly are as individuals”  

Robert M. Hensel