Success Stories

David Perry 

David, who took the step of learning to schedule his own  Uber  rides to get to and from his job with  Aramark  in the dining hall at  Widener University. Traveling to work on his own is part of a pattern of David taking on greater independence. He works in the dish room at the Pride Café Dining Hall getting the dishes display-ready and the silverware separated and put away, and his stellar performance has led his supervisors to begin training him for an additional role as a cup runner. Next month, March 2020 will also mark three and a half years on the job, a testament to his commitment and reliability. 

Not having to rely on his parents for rides will also yield big benefits outside the workplace: when not at work, David is something of a man about town, bowling in his local DCARO league, out with friends, volunteering at the local library, or behind his drum set, rocking along to whatever’s on his iPad. David is also committed to creating opportunities for inclusion for others, and sits on the board of directors for two organizations: Self Advocates United as 1 (SAU1), and the Sean King Fund for Inclusive Practices. Wherever he might want to go, this step forward at work will help him get there on his own. 

Amanda Ramirez 

Amanda Ramirez started 2018 with a success story worth sharing. The 27-year-old from Oxford is one step closer to her dream job, having completed 300 hours of study in nail technology at the Shilling-Douglas School of Hair Design, LLC in Newark, Delaware this month. Ramirez,who is pictured to the right holding her diploma, had perfect attendance and graduated from her program on January 3. 

An employee at Salon Secrets Spa in Kennett Square for about four years, Ramirez has dreamed of being a licensed nail technician, but she struggles with the reading skills needed for the testing. Her supports team arranged for someone to read her the final exam at school. The simple adjustment made all the difference, and these accommodations are planned when Ramirez takes the state exam later this month. 

Congratulations and best of luck to Amanda Ramirez!